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Digital Disruption creating lots more jobs for Techies

Posted by Michelle Greenwood on 19-May-2017 11:16:27

Digital distruption and the growth in online advancements is creating a huge demand for candidates with particular IT and technical skills.

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Recruitment Funnies – Confessions of a Recruiter

Posted by Clare Patterson on 31-Oct-2016 21:07:33

We’re only human, and accidents happen. More so for those that work in a busy and fast paced environment, such as recruitment. We've had a bunch of recruiters share their embarrassing moments. You know those toe-curling incidents that make you squirm. We had a giggle collating these, and we’d love to hear yours so why not share them so we can all have a little laugh together?  

Recruiter No 1: I was having quite a long and in-depth call with one my clients and he was giving feedback on a few candidates and talking through some strategic changes a-foot. It was last thing on a Friday (so I was tired after a long week). The call was coming to an end, and right there, right at the end as we were finishing the call I said "Bye… I love you.” All I could do was put the phone down. It's a running joke with him still, and in our office!!

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6 Power BI Dashboard Features a Recruitment MD Will Love!

Posted by Clare Patterson on 25-Oct-2016 10:09:00

Business dashboards are nothing new to the recruitment industry. Thankfully, gone are the days of stagnant reports, waiting on a team member to pull the info from various sources and then having out-of-date data. Luckily we have all been able to take a step back from those spreadsheets with their limited interactivity options and take on business dashboards that offer a quick way to view your company’s performance.

But are you getting the most out of your data, and are you able to view all of it, absolutely everything, all in one place? We wanted to share some very cool and different features that Power BI brings to the recruitment industry. What is Mercury xRM’s Power BI we hear you say? Well it’s a Microsoft tool, so it’s designed by one of the biggest technology companies in the world, who have a squillion leading developers behind it, and Mercury xRM have adapted it for the recruitment industry. One of our customers has doubled their profit performance in the first 3 months of using Power BI, so we thought if you are a recruitment owner, you might want to hear all about these features:

#1 Chart filter / click-to-filter

The click-to-filter option is a fantastic feature that further enables interactivity. This allows you to filter your data, and refresh the results to show a dashboard based on the new filtered data so you can easily click on any set of data and filter-down on the information delivering new insights in an instant. 

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What LinkedIn and Microsoft Might Do Next for Recruiters – Part 1

Posted by Clare Patterson on 05-Oct-2016 16:38:14


Over the coming few months Microsoft’s $26.2B acquisition of LinkedIn will have concluded. Already Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella, has said that LinkedIn will “naturally expand into Microsoft Dynamics”.  But what should the recruitment industry expect from Microsoft’s cloud business software?

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6 Reasons Video is Good for Business and Gives Competitive Advantage for Recruiters

Posted by Clare Patterson on 30-Sep-2016 14:04:54

In today’s climate, it’s imperative that recruiters are able to react quickly to client needs. Agencies must communicate seamlessly to avoid delays in the recruitment process. The availability of low-cost technology — including high-quality video, high-bandwidth networks, and user-friendly applications and tools — is bringing video collaboration within reach of today’s workforce. As a result, agencies can act more quickly and bring candidates to their clients faster.

Companies have been doing telephone interviews for many years, and the telephone is still vital in recruitment. For out-of-area candidates and first-round interviews, the phone call is quickly being replaced by the more-high-tech video interview which offers a different level of interaction. Recruitment companies that are embracing video conferencing are more agile, and better positioned to thrive in an ever more competitive marketplace. They can also engage with clients more effectively.

Here we look at why video interviewing is good for business and will give you a competitive advantage.

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Recruitment News Round-up for September

Posted by Clare Patterson on 27-Sep-2016 15:29:00

Recruitment optimism falls among company bosses

BOSSES in six out of nine sectors report a fall in jobs optimism as new employment research suggest the UK jobs market is about to become trickier. Finance, construction and utilities, considered bellwether sectors, all fell four points in the ManpowerGroup’s Net Employment Outlook survey. The services sector is the UK’s dominant industry sector, accounting for three-quarters of the UK economy. <<Read full news story>>


UK sees slump in finance sector recruitment following Brexit vote


There has been a slump in financial sector recruitment in the wake of the U.K.'s decision on June 23 to leave the European Union (EU), according to the latest research. A report from research institute and think tank IPPR has found that there was "an uncharacteristic downturn" in job postings in the finance sector during the period May/June to July/August in 2016 compared with the same period in previous years. <<Read full story here>>


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The greatest opportunities for recruitment? Our recruitment award winners give their predictions

Posted by Clare Patterson on 14-Sep-2016 11:48:00

The UK recruitment sector is thriving, despite uncertainty following the Brexit vote, growth is showing no sign of slowing. The latest JobsOutlook survey by the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) highlights employers say they need to hire more staff to meet demand and the latest figures released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has shown that employment has risen to 174,000 and unemployment fell by 39,000 in the last quarter. The figures state that the UK’s employment rate continues to run at a record high of 74.5%, while the unemployment rate holds firm at 4.9% – its lowest in more than 10 years.

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Why the Rise of the Recruitment Industry is Causing a Rise in Big Data

Posted by Clare Patterson on 31-Aug-2016 15:41:13


Did you know that the information you need to retain competitive advantage, source top talent and create USPs is already at your fingertips… you just have to change the way you view it. 

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Recruitment News: Your Quick Round-Up of August's Top News Stories

Posted by Clare Patterson on 30-Aug-2016 15:04:41

Addressing The Recruitment Productivity Puzzle by James Caan CBE

In our current state of political hysteria, it is difficult to take a step back and focus on executing our business objectives, without becoming preoccupied with Brexit woes. I’ve spoken to many small businesses who are worried, wondering how our split from the European Union will affect them. Unfortunately, nobody has given us an all-encompassing answer to calm our nerves. Read full article here…

Why we should all be working a 3-day week (and why it's good for business too)

Work. How’s that working out for you right now? After the bank holiday weekend, many of us inevitably find ourselves critically assessing our work-life balance. What if every weekend could be a similar triple-pronged attack on job-related stress and exhaustion? Or imagine a three-day working week; time to reconnect with family and ourselves. Read full article here… 

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Recruiter Awards: The Industry Awards Your Agency Should Enter and Why

Posted by Clare Patterson on 04-Aug-2016 14:11:23

Awards are a great way to be recognised and to stand out in the crowded space of the recruitment world. Industry awards create a buzz for your business and there are many benefits associated with receiving an award, such as: 

  • It’s free marketing and publicity to boost your business profile
  • It can help you attract top talent – not only candidates but also new employees
  • It can help with employee motivation and staff retention
  • It can help you land new business as customers love to be associated with a winning company.

So now you know the benefits, next you need to know which ones to go for so you can plan time and the resource to enter. There are a quite a few different business and individual awards within the sector so to save you the time and hassle of researching these, we've listed them below with key information about entering:

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