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Why the Rise of the Recruitment Industry is Causing a Rise in Big Data

Posted by Clare Patterson on 31-Aug-2016 15:41:13


Did you know that the information you need to retain competitive advantage, source top talent and create USPs is already at your fingertips… you just have to change the way you view it. 

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Recruitment News: Your Quick Round-Up of August's Top News Stories

Posted by Clare Patterson on 30-Aug-2016 15:04:41

Addressing The Recruitment Productivity Puzzle by James Caan CBE

In our current state of political hysteria, it is difficult to take a step back and focus on executing our business objectives, without becoming preoccupied with Brexit woes. I’ve spoken to many small businesses who are worried, wondering how our split from the European Union will affect them. Unfortunately, nobody has given us an all-encompassing answer to calm our nerves. Read full article here…

Why we should all be working a 3-day week (and why it's good for business too)

Work. How’s that working out for you right now? After the bank holiday weekend, many of us inevitably find ourselves critically assessing our work-life balance. What if every weekend could be a similar triple-pronged attack on job-related stress and exhaustion? Or imagine a three-day working week; time to reconnect with family and ourselves. Read full article here… 

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Recruiter Awards: The Industry Awards Your Agency Should Enter and Why

Posted by Clare Patterson on 04-Aug-2016 14:11:23

Awards are a great way to be recognised and to stand out in the crowded space of the recruitment world. Industry awards create a buzz for your business and there are many benefits associated with receiving an award, such as: 

  • It’s free marketing and publicity to boost your business profile
  • It can help you attract top talent – not only candidates but also new employees
  • It can help with employee motivation and staff retention
  • It can help you land new business as customers love to be associated with a winning company.

So now you know the benefits, next you need to know which ones to go for so you can plan time and the resource to enter. There are a quite a few different business and individual awards within the sector so to save you the time and hassle of researching these, we've listed them below with key information about entering:

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5 Business Development Tips from Recruitment Pros to Increase Sales

Posted by Clare Patterson on 29-Jul-2016 08:00:00

It’s time to crank up sales within the business. With the summer months now here, it’s an ideal time to plan your business development activity so that from September you are good to go! The following tips have been gathered from successful recruitment professionals who, from experience know what simple tactics work to boost sales.

#1 Network through an organisation, talking to multiple contacts

The best teams and consultants in this industry network through an entire organisation and talk to multiple contacts rather than just one contact at a company they are trying to work with. With a bit of research, you can quickly identify a number of contacts who are decision makers within the business and call each of them individually. Contacting people in different areas of the business will develop the whole business relationship further and much quicker than a “one company, one call” approach.

Global Award Winner Stuart Chappell, who is a Key Accounts Business Manager at Roc Search, a specialist IT and Engineering recruitment company feels that networking is key to the success of this. “Networking is crucial to recruitment. One of our biggest contracts was won through networking. It’s like peeling back the layers of an onion. You gradually get to know and build a rapport with people in different areas of the business and before you know it you’ve won the contract with them. It’s by no means easy though! You have to maintain front of mind with the client and get plenty of face to face time with them.”

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Recruitment News – A Look Back at July

Posted by Clare Patterson on 27-Jul-2016 00:00:00

UK recruitment sector growth up 10% on 2015

2,926 new recruitment agencies launched in the first half of 2016: a 10% increase on the number of agencies launched in the same period in 2015, according to research from leading recruitment finance provider, Sonovate. Read the full story here>>

Recruitment firm Reed says job listings rise after Brexit vote

British recruitment firm Reed Group said there had been an 8 percent increase in jobs added to its website in the three weeks since Britons voted to leave the European Union, the firm's chairman told the Mail on Sunday newspaper. Read the full story here>>

Survey reveals recruiters’ fears over Brexit and talent shortage

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Recruiter Survey Results on Brexit [Infograph]

Posted by Clare Patterson on 14-Jul-2016 14:30:00

We recently polled recruiters asking for their views on the UK’s decision to leave the EU. We had a fantastic response and here we share those results in an infographic:

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Recruitment Business KPIs: What to Prioritise

Posted by Mark Britton on 08-Jul-2016 00:00:00

Recruitment key performance indicators (KPIs) for agencies can give managers quick insight into the performance of their business.


Using modern recruitment software, a recruitment agency owner or director can have access to live KPI dashboards on their smartphone that help prioritise actions and steer decision making. Here we outline some measures worth tracking, what to aim for, plus your opportunity to download a ready-made Excel dashboard.

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What Motivates the Best Recruiters?

Posted by Clare Patterson on 29-Jun-2016 14:06:42

The best recruiters are those that are self-motivated. They assert themselves, strengthen teams, solve problems and seek challenges. Self-motivation is a key life skill that recruiters need to succeed. We thought it would be interesting to ask a group of recruitment industry award winners what motivates them and this is what they said:

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Recruiter Tips to Make Killer Calls [Infograph]

Posted by Clare Patterson on 16-Jun-2016 16:00:00

You're calling a stranger, interrupting their day, and actually asking them to pay attention to what you have to say. It’s not surprising that new business sales calls are quite scary and many recruiters dread making them. But with the right approach, you really can become a sales call master. Our infographic gives simple steps to help you differentiate yourself during those dreaded new business sales calls.

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A quick recap of top recruitment news stories in May

Posted by Clare Patterson on 01-Jun-2016 10:01:02

Brexit 'risks international student recruitment'

UK universities could find it harder to recruit international students if the UK leaves the EU, suggests a survey. Of 1,763 would-be students who had contacted or applied to UK universities, almost half said Brexit would make UK study less attractive. Read full article here.

Lack of Skills and Poor Pay Harming Recruitment

The 2016 national management salary survey reveals factors behind ineffective recruitment practices. UK employers are struggling to recruit the right staff as a result of a lack of suitable skills and poor pay incentives, according to the latest research from CMI and XpertHR. Read full article here.
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